Planning 13.4.21

Published: 8th April 2021

7 April 2021




A meeting of the Planning Committee will be held virtually on Tuesday 13 April 2021 at 7.30pm for consideration of the business set out below.


This meeting can be held virtually by virtue of The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England & Wales) Regulations 2020.


If you are a member of the public and would like to attend this meeting, please email



Yours faithfully,


Jo Beighton-Emms

Town Clerk




Public Questions: are invited prior to the start of the meeting for a maximum of 10 minutes and limited to 3 minutes per person at the discretion of the Chair.


  1. Apologies for absence: To receive apologies.


  1. Declarations of interest: To receive any pecuniary and non-pecuniary interests relating to items on the agenda.


  1. Minutes of the last meeting: To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 2 March 2021.


  1. Planning Applications: To consider planning applications received from the Planning Authority below;
4a Reference 210483
  Registered 23/02/2021
  Development 69 High Street, Wivenhoe   CO7 9AB
  Address Single storey front and side extensions, re-cladding and re-roofing  of existing property.
4b Reference 210505
  Registered 25/02/2021
  Development Single storey extension
  Address 2 Blackhorse Cottage, Alresford Road, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9JU
4c Reference 210564
  Registered 03/03/2021
  Development Installation of en-suite and dressing room to an existing bedroom.  En-suite includes the installation of plumbing and power (from  existing sources) and the installation of a new soil pipe and   connection to an existing drain.
  Address Anchor House, The Quay, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9BY
4d Reference 210577
  Registered 03/03/2021
  Development Removal of existing fence to be made new and repositioned to one   meter from the boundary.
  Address 6 Lammas Way, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9HD
4e Reference 210623
  Registered 08/03/2021
  Development Demolition of part of existing living room and erection of single  storey rear extension.
  Address 81 Ernest Road, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9LJ
4f Reference 210781
  Registered 05/03/2021
  Development CONSULTATION by BT: Proposed removal of public telephone box
  Address 01206 822058; outside, 77 High Street, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9AB
4g Reference 202817
  Registered 23/12/2020
  Development Two storey rear extension (revised drawings)
  Address 76 Belle Vue Road, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9LD



  1. Planning Decisions; To consider planning decisions received from the Planning Authority below ( the Chair agreed to consider planning decision reference 210296 which is not on the published agenda);


5a Reference 202534
  Registered 17/11/2020
  Development Raising the roof pitch from the original consent.
  Address 38 Stanley Road, Wivenhoe   CO7 9LP
5b Reference 210042
  Registered 21/01/2021
  Development Dropped Kerb
  Address 50 Rectory Road, Wivenhoe   CO7 9ER
5c Reference 210058
  Registered 13/01/2021
  Development Proposed side extension and front entrance porch (revised Drawings)
  Address 2 Tower Road, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9QE
5d Reference 210207
  Registered 26/01/2021
  Development Erection of 4sqm front porch
  Address 30 Bobbits Way, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9NJ
5e Reference 210259
  Registered 19/02/2021
  Development Change of use of small A3 (restaurant) element of property to C3   (residential) - additional bedroom with ensuite.
  Address 5 High Street, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9BJ
5f Reference 210260
  Registered 19/02/2021
  Development Listed building application for change of use of small A3 (restaurant)element to C3 (residential) - additional bedroom with ensuite.
  Address 5 High Street, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9BJ
5g Reference 210284
  Registered 03/02/2021
  Development Two storey side and rear extension. Alterations to approved    application 201418. Alterations to the rear roof section from pitched to flat roof.
  Address 6 Lammas Way, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9HD
5h Reference 210296
  Registered 11/02/2021
  Development Apply render to brick front porch extension to match existing render on the rest of the house and neighbouring property (Post Office)
  Address 52 High Street, Wivenhoe Colchester  CO7 9AZ



  • Wivenhoe Town Council Strategy; How to influence planning decisions


  • Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan; Taylor Wimpey Public Consultation- 120 new homes


  • Leisure and Community Services SPD: Monthly report circulated by separate cover


  • Date and time of the next meeting: To be agreed that the next meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Tuesday 4 May 2021






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