In my first year as a Town Councillor I have focused on Planning issues particularly Travel & Transport, both in Wivenhoe and in the Colchester area.

We managed to get the neglected Wivenhoe Trail resurfaced, so it is now better for all types of user, and have submitted a bid to Essex for new / better cycle parking at various locations.

We also proposed a redesign of the poor station access via Clifton Terrace, which again
we hope Essex will fund. We also hope to reduce the impact of through traffic on residents – especially HGVs.

I am very concerned that the extra traffic generated by TCBGC new town will make Colchester’s already congested roads even worse, and I will continue to fight for much better, truly Sustainable Solutions.

Thanks to everybody who has helped make Travel & Transport Working Group effective in the last year - there is much more to do.

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