Environment 4.11.20

Published: 4th November 2020

MINUTES of Environment Committee meeting held virtually on 4 November 2020 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Evans (Chair), Cllr Tile, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Wenaden, J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and 2 members of the public

Public Questions; None.


E/11.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Needham and Cllr Luxford-Vaughan

E/11.20/02 Declarations of interest: None

E/11.20/03 Minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2020; The minutes of this meeting were proposed by Cllr Wenaden, seconded by Cllr Maltby and approved by all as an accurate record of proceedings.

Cllr Tile noted that Cllr Maltby still needs to circulate her report on the proposed recycling scheme.

E/11.20/04 Update from the Chair

Cllr Evans reported that he will be attending a community energy conference and
accepts that the presenters are likely to be in the business. Cllr Maltby confirmed that
the conference has funding from ECC.

Cllr Evans reported that the Millfield verge project is almost complete although there is gravel still to be laid.

Cllr Maltby reported that she will be updating and circulating her report on the
proposed recycling project. She confirmed that this will be actioned using a £750 grant
from CBC councillors. It was agreed that it should be actioned before the financial year
end. Cllr Maltby said that initially the project would start with the recycling of easier
items such as bread bags, pens, ink cartridges and toothbrushes. These items would
be collected free of charge by En-form, Colchester. Due to the covid crisis, boxes
would now be located outside rather than inside premises and this would cost more.
She suggested that a survey could be carried out to gauge interest in the town and
have an evidence base for the project. The use of staff time still needs to be agreed.

Cllr Wenaden said that she didn’t think a survey was necessary as this was such a
tangible and practical idea. Cllr Evans and Cllr Tile noted that consultation is often
needed. Cllr Maltby confirmed that there would be no financial return on the project
and that this was more about providing a service. A points scheme could be entered
into at a later stage.

Cllr Maltby reported that the e-cargo bike was a success and was well used by staff and
saving time.

Cllr Wenaden suggested that reports should be given from the 6 groups set up under
this committee. Cllr Evans agreed that they should be re-engaged with so that they
could report on their initiatives at the Committee meetings. It was agreed that this would
be done for the next meeting. Cllr Wenaden reported on smaller projects that were
already taking place and need to be promoted.

She suggested a page about these groups could be put on the WTC website, as well as
the WTC Facebook page.

It was agreed that the Climate Action Plan needs to be progressed. Cllr Evans
suggested that this should be discussed separately ahead of the next meeting.

Cllr Wenaden reported on a meeting with Wivenhoe Surgery and updated on the
important role of the Patient Advisor who is an asset to the town. It was agreed that
she should be consulted first before the available services were promoted by WTC
further. This included a new mental health worker and advice on the excellent flu

Cllr Wenaden agreed to write an article on their services.

Cllr Wenaden reported on her contact with Age Concern and the need for help for
carers for those with dementia. The Town Clerk advised that Wivenhoe Mutual Aid
had not stopped and that the services would be promoted once again. It was agreed
that the Funding, Youth and Engagement Working Group could work on promoting

It was noted that Cllr Evans and the Town Clerk would be attending a Health &
Wellbeing webinar conference on 26 November.

E/11.20/05 Presentation from Mark Halladay: Green Spaces & Verges Project

The Committee considered a PowerPoint presentation from Mark Halladay, which is
attached as Appendix A. He explained that he was keen to get involved,
particularly since WTC acknowledged the climate emergency in 2019.

Cllr Tile noted the potential issues with the project such as sight lines for certain verges.
Also, the fact that the collection process may negate any savings.

Mark advised that he is confident that CBC’s involvement will provide the assurance that such issues will be dealt with. Collection is necessary as otherwise some species cannot thrive.

Cllr Tile was also concerned about public perception and commitment. Once the KGV area was left unmown interest waned and complaints were received by WTC.

Cllr Evans agreed that this was a challenge to be met and that proper consultation was necessary. It was agreed that the Funding, Youth and Engagement WG could assist. Cllr Maltby noted that some areas in the report were used by children as play areas. This again highlighted the need for local knowledge and consultation, with different levels of consultation required dependent on the area proposed.

The Town Clerk noted that some areas on the KGV were not suitable and agreed to meet with Mark and the Open Spaces Manager to discuss this in further detail.

It was agreed that whilst most councillors endorsed the project, further information and discussion was required. Cllr Tile agreed to liaise further with Mark.

Mark reported that he has drafted an article on this project for Wivenhoe News.

E/11.20/06 CBC Grants; It was agreed that Cllr Evans would make enquiries with CBC

E/11.20/07 Health & Wellbeing Upate: Report from Cllr Wenaden- see above

E/11.20/08 Date and time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting would
be held virtually at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6 January 2021.

The Chair closed the meeting at 21.05.


Appendix A- See attached



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