Estates Properties 9.9.20

Published: 9th September 2020

MINUTES of the Estates (Properties) Committee meeting held on Zoom on 9 September 2020 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present:         Cllr Tile (Chair), Cllr Booth, Cllr Needham, Cllr Evans, Cllr Boughton, Jo Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk), Andy Hearn (Estates Properties Manager) and 1 member of public


Questions:     None.


Minute No Item
EP09.20.01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Newton and Cllr Nash


EP09.20.02 Election of the Chair; Cllr Needham proposed that Cllr Tile is elected as the new Chair of the Estates (Properties) Committee. This was seconded by Cllr Evans with all in favour.


EP09.20.03 Declarations of Interest; None
EP09.20.04 Minutes of last meeting; The minutes of the meeting held on 8 July 2020 were proposed by Cllr Needham, seconded by Cllr Tile and agreed by all as an accurate record of proceedings.


Since this meeting the Estates Properties Manager (‘EM’) reported that he had received a quote of £550 for the removal and grinding down of the tree at the corner of the WLH car park. In view of the close proximity to the neighbouring property and its’ size, Cllr Evans proposed that the tree is removed on the understanding that WTC plant two new trees or something of similar sustainable value. This was seconded by Cllr Boughton, with all in favour.



EP09.20.05 Estates Team Properties Report; The Committee considered a report from the EM, which is attached as an Appendix A.


With regards to the public toilets, the EM reported that sadly they had been vandalised once again. He was obtaining quotes for CCTV to be fitted. The Town Clerk confirmed that previous incidences had been reported to the police.


With regards to the pavilion, The Town Clerk reported that the tenants had requested to install a mezzanine floor. The structure has been inspected at the cost of £175. The company had suggested further investigation. The Town Clerk sought approval from the committee that no further action was taken by WTC pending an update from the tenants on whether the installation was still required. This was agreed by all.


The EM reported that the gate post in St Mary’s church wall has now been repaired.


EP09.20.06 Land Registry Issue-Elm Grove; Cllr Tile provided an update on this matter which concerned a property and garden which was sited on land registered as the KGV. The owners were concerned and would like the matter resolved. Cllr Needham queried if the land in question was enough to build on (i.e land grab). The Town Clerk reported that she had visited the property and thought not. There is also additional land to the rear of the garden which is not managed by anyone. The Town Clerk sought approval from the committee to seek legal advice. This was proposed by Cllr Needham, seconded by Cllr Booth, with all in favour.
EP09.20.07 Council Properties;

A)   Council Offices: Matters being dealt with by the Office & Yard WG which had met and agreed on actions on 2 September.


B) Police Houses: No update


C)   WLH: No update. The Town Clerk is waiting on advice from RCCE regarding the newly imposed government restrictions.


D)   High Street Car Park & Toilets: Cllr Booth asked if the council could reconsider installing electric car charging points. Cllr Tile suggested he contact the Chair at West Mersea TC.


E)   Chapel Museum: No report. The Town Clerk said that she had requested an inventory of all items for the insurance review which will take place in October.


F)    Cook's Shipyard (Fisherman's Store): The Town Clerk reported that the Bike Kitchen had asked to install an awning over the hard-standing area at their cost. Cllr Booth said that he was in favour providing it was retractable and didn’t cause obstruction. Cllr Tile said that there was a risk dependent on the proposed location. Cllr Booth said that it would be to the rear of the building over the hard-standing area where the group work outside. Cllr Booth proposed that permission is given on the understanding that the awning is retractable and does not cause obstruction. This was seconded by Cllr Evans with all in favour.


G)   Pavilion; See above



EP09.20.08 It was agreed that the next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 7.30pm



The Chair closed the meeting at 20.11


Signed ………….………………………………...





Appendix A.


Estates properties report 9/9/20


Kitchen revamp completed

Gutters and downpipes cleared and repaired

Annual inspection of fire extinguishers has been completed at all council locations and alarm system inspections are due this month.

Cost to remove the tree and grind the stump at the rear triangle is £550 +vat, a drain cover has also been unearthed in close proximity to the tree which may hinder widening the driveway.

Council Offices

Entrance ramp to main office will be addresses when resources permit.

Car Park and toilets

Another incident involving smearing of walls and floor has happened, this was cleaned up using an outside company. Due to this we are looking at the cost and feasibility of CCTV

Police Houses and shop

Nothing to report


TC to update.

Yard and Outbuildings

The external doors and walls are in need of repairs and painting.

Cemetery chapel and toilet

Nothing to report.

Fisherman’s store

Nothing to report

Quay shelter

Nothing to report.


 -Cemetery wall has been rebuilt, we are waiting for the coping stones to be cut.

Churchyard side gate wall and pillar has been taken down and rebuilt, awaiting the gate to be repainted and hung.

Extra social distancing signage has been added to the pontoon.

Job list to complete;-

Monitor soak away within yard for office block.

Sensory garden?

Front office pathway

Doors and walls in yard to be repaired and repainted.



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