Estates Properties 12.2.20

Published: 12th February 2020

MINUTES of the Estates (Properties) Committee meeting held on 12 February 2020 Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Tile (Chair), Cllr Newton, Cllr Nash, Cllr Boughton, Jo Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and Andy Hearn (Estates Properties Manager)
Questions: None.

Minute No Item
EP02.20.01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Aldis and Cllr Needham

EP02.20.02 Declarations of interest: None received

EP02.20.03 Minutes of last meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on 11 December 2019 were proposed by Cllr Newton, seconded by Cllr Nash and agreed as an accurate record of proceedings.

EP02.20.04 Estates Team Properties Report: The Committee considered a report from the Estates Properties Manager (‘EM Report’), which is attached as an Appendix A.

WLH- The Committee agreed that two new heaters should be installed as a priority to ensure continued use of the hall. Proposal to be put to Full Town Council to approve the purchase of two heaters at the cost of £1250 each (a discount for two is anticipated)

The Town Clerk reported that she will be purchasing six bridge tables at the request of the users as they are easier to move than the larger tables.

The EM to research the cost of a new fridge freezer and to first check the current ones in the kitchen to confirm that they conform to safety standards.

It was agreed that a new worktop in the kitchen should also be fitted and that the cupboards should be cleared where possible.

Police Houses- The Committee agreed that a new boiler should be installed at no. 83 as a priority. The three quotations were discussed. The EM to provide the Town Clerk with a written quotation for the verbal quotation given of £2500 for the boiler. Proposal to be put to Full Town Council to approve the purchase of the boiler at the cost of £2500.

Pavilion- The Committee considered photographs provided by the tenants of the pavilion for a proposed mezzanine floor to be installed. There was concern over how this would affect the building and the size of the proposed installation. It was agreed that the Town Clerk would request written specifications which will then be provided to a surveyor for comment. The EM confirmed that the tenants also wanted to change the toilets which it was agreed should also be considered by the surveyor.

New Cemetery Wall Repairs- The Committee considered a 4th quotation which allowed for concrete mouldings. The Committee discussed the need for original stonework to be replaced properly on a like for like basis. It was agreed that the matter should be passed to the insurers and a claim made. The Town Clerk will contact the insurers.

EP02.20.05 Council Properties
A) Council Offices: No update

B) Police Houses: See above

C) WLH: See above

D) High Street Car Park & Toilets: The Town Clerk provided the Committee with the responses she had received from NEPP regarding the issuing of permits and management of the car park. It was agreed that a further meeting to discuss this matter should be arranged by the Town Clerk.

E) Chapel Museum: No Update

F) Cook's Shipyard (Fisherman's Store): No Update.

G) Pavilion- See above
PROW Request & Cycle Station: The Town Clerk informed the Committee that she will instruct a solicitor as previously approved to assess the wording of proposed signage, on Smith’s Corner and De Vere Lane, as requested by the PROW Group.

Also, that ECC had confirmed that one cycle station can be purchased using the grant awarded in 2019. The Town Clerk will make the purchase. The cycle station will be installed outside the WLH.
EP02.20.07 Date and time of the next meeting: It was agreed that the next Properties Committee meeting will take place on Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 7.30pm

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.35

Signed ………….………………………………...

Appendix A.

Estates properties report 12/2/20
Main hall Heater quote from blue flame has been received, £1250 +vat per heater, 2 required to run at full capacity.
Request from WLH working party 6 more tables £60.56 each and a 70/30 fridge freezer for kitchen around £200.
Note; WLH kitchen units and worktop looking very tired.
Council Offices
Entrance ramp to main office will be addresses when resources permit, offcuts of altro flooring and a fresh coat of paint have been applied to the gents toilet.
Car Park and toilets
Incident involving blood and graffiti 12/1/20. Sewer pipe blockage cleared 4/2/20
Police Houses and shop
83 high street needs a replacement boiler, 3 previous quote are:
British gas £6379 boiler and radiators, £3619 + VAT boiler only
Boulter heating £5590 boiler and radiators, £3619 + VAT boiler only
E&s £4952 boiler and radiators, £3066+ VAT boiler only
A fourth quote has been obtained
Rick Burlington £4000 Boiler and radiators, £2500 no VAT boiler only.
A new kitchen has been installed at 81 under the £2300 budget. Photos attached
Request to add an internal mezzanine floor has been received, no structural works are required and the grant also covering improving the toilets. Photos attached
Yard and Outbuildings
Nothing to report.
Cemetery chapel and toilet
Nothing to report.
Fisherman’s store
Nothing to report.
Quay shelter
Nothing to report.
Miscellaneous -Cemetery wall repairs, 4 quotes have been received. The 4th in less expensive but replaces the natural cut stone with concrete mouldings.
CCTV and security review.
Job list to complete;-
Monitor soak away within yard for office block.
Church wall repair to side gate
Sensory garden
PAT testing
Front office pathway

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