Estates Open Spaces 11.3.20

Published: 11th March 2020

MINUTES of Estates (Open Spaces) Committee meeting held on 11 March 2020 Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Nash (Chair), Cllr Newton, Cllr Evans, Cllr Booth, Cllr Tile and J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk)

Public Questions; None.


OS/03.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Boughton

OS/03.20/02 Minutes of the previous meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 13 November were proposed by Cllr Tile, seconded by Cllr Newton and approved as an accurate record of proceedings.

OS/03.20/03 Declarations of interest: None

OS/03.20/04 Request for an event on the KGV: The Committee considered a document which had been circulated on behalf of ‘The 18 Club’ and is attached as Appendix A.

The co-ordinator (CO) spoke of behalf of the group and confirmed that the Mayor’s fund would also be a beneficiary of the proposed event.

The CO read out the report. The key points raised were;

o It was agreed that permission had not yet been granted by WTC just that a hire application had been completed

o A copy of the bands’ public liability insurance certificate was handed to the Town Clerk. The committee considered that £1m cover was not sufficient and should possible be £10m. The CO agreed that further discussion needs to take place with his group and this can be rectified.

o The CO confirmed that planning for the event was starting this weekend and there was time for the group to come back to WTC to comply with requests and satisfy everything WTC require.

o The CO confirmed that the reference to public toilets was not reference to the WTC High Street toilets and that toilets would be provided and the group would ensure that there would be sufficient on site.

o Cllr Newton confirmed that the High Street public toilets would be shut for security reasons.

o Regarding security, the CO said that a security firm had not yet been decided on but will be soon.

o The committee discussed access and that the KGV cannot be shut to everyone and the issue was the number of entrances. Cllr Nash suggested Harris Fencing for control of the area as well as ticketing. The CO confirmed that that event area would be taped off. The Town Clerk confirmed that the path that runs through the KGV must remain open at the request of Fields in Trust when events are taking place. The CO acknowledged this.

o CO said that tickets could be sold on the night; security/stewards can request people to leave but this needs further thought.

o Cllr Tile asked then how numbers would be controlled.

o No car parking will be provided. Cllr Tile queried how would people would get here. The CO confirmed that he expected local people to come. Cllr Tile queried how he knew this. The CO said that he had made local enquiries. The CO explained the amount of revenue they would make would be an increase on previous events held in the WLH which has limitations.

o Cllr Newton said that people might sit outside the site area and there could be 2000 attendees. Cllr Nash explained WTC’s cautious approach because of previous issues with the May Fair in the past.

o The CO explained the purpose of the SAG meeting as detailed in the report and that this would identify the numbers the site can hold as well as make other recommendations. Cllr Evans said that this would great for WTC to use going forward. The Town Clerk suggested a ticket only event. The CO agreed that he would take this idea forward and that they could enforce a maximum number of tickets sold. He agreed that for now he couldn’t say how they would deal with people who turned up without a ticket until he had the planned meeting soon with his team. They will ensure that the event will be managed properly.

o Cllr Tile highlighted the possible parking issues as had been seen in the past as well as the potential issues with drugs and alcohol. There would also be likely complaints from residents about noise and there were also previous issues with clearing up after the event. He is certain that there will be problems. Cllr Nash explained WTC’s approach is because WTC must deal with the issues created by an event when things go wrong. WTC councillors represent all of the residents.

o Cllr Tile asked about how the use of drugs could be controlled. The CO explained that the security stewards would be capable of dealing with this. He doesn’t think that alcohol and drug issues would be as bad as Cllr Tile thinks it will be.

o Cllr Newton said that the ultimate problem is that the KGV is a public place and re-iterated the main concerns; parking, drugs, alcohol, noise complaints and field damage. Problems could also jeopardise WTC’s relationship with Fields in Trust; WTC had almost lost the licence to hold events on the KGV because of problems at previous events.

o Cllr Booth expressed his support for this event and said we should use this as an opportunity to make use of the KGV. He mentioned other events which were a success such as the regatta, which he said raises money for local charities and groups. Cllr Evans asked how we could learn from the regatta or other such events.

o It was accepted that the KGV was a difficult area to manage.

o Cllr Evans thinks that people will not drive to the event and will use public transport.

o The CO said that residents will be told about the event in advance and so therefore know in advance about the noise. He confirmed that the event will be from 8-10pm. Cllr Newton thinks that it can’t happen at this time because of noise and his experience of complaints following a fete. The committee considered whether this was acceptable.

o The CO said that he would come back with a more detailed proposal and would do whatever he could to make the event work. They want to make

o The committee considered the report to be obtained from the SAG and what it covers. The walk around the site would include councillors and WTC would see this report. The CO will provide the Town Clerk with dates and he confirmed that they will be stringent. Cllr Evans said that WTC would like to know what the on-site checks would cover. The report could be used going forward to help with other events.

o The CO also mentioned the next event planned which will be a live steaming of the Last Night of Proms.

o Cllr Tile queried where the electricity would be obtained form. The CO confirmed that there would be on-site generators.

o It was considered that bucket collecting does not always work

o Cllr Newton wanted confirmation for how long the hire would be for taking into account the time needed for setting up e.g would 3 days be needed for toilets and band set up, then clearing up. Cllr Tile confirmed that heavy vehicles on the field have caused issues before and for this to be factored in. Cllr Nash said that there should be no glass and rubbish must be cleared.

o The Estates Open Spaces Manager supported the event provided that everything requested was in place such as security and Harris Fencing. Parking in his opinion is a police matter.

o Cllr Nash concluded that not all questions could be answered at this meeting and that they will be collated for the Town Clerk to forward to the CO who confirmed that everything would be taken into consideration. A site visit date will be agreed.

o Cllr Newton asked who ‘Climate Cure’ is. The CO confirmed that this has ben set up by two of the group’s financial partners. They arrange carbon offsetting.

o Cllr Newton asked what the status of the 18 Club is. This is necessary so that WTC know who the contract of hire is with, who is legally responsible; what is the group’s legal status. He considered that the 18 Club has no legal status and that there must be a person named on the hire agreement. Cllr Tile said there WTC have money laundering responsibilities. The group could set up a company to resolve this.

The CO left the meeting.

It was agreed that rather than take a vote, the matter will be progressed further and then put to Full Town Council.

The Estates Open Spaces Manager and the Town Clerk suggested that in future if the council do not wish for such events to be allowed on the KGV then this should be made clear to the residents rather than further applications being made.

OS/03.20/05 Estates Open Spaces Manager (EOS) Report: To receive the Officer’s
The Committee considered this report which is attached as Appendix B.

The EOS confirmed that signs had been installed on the KGV regarding
the need to keep dogs on the lead. However, this was not being enforced as
WTC have no legal powers. The Town Clerk requested that old signs are taken down if they state otherwise.

With regards to the zip wire, Cllr Newton said that he did not want it to go ahead. Cllr nash proposed that the zip wire was installed. This was voted against by a majority, with Cllr Tile , Cllr Newton and Cllr Booth requesting that their votes against are recorded.

OS/03.20/06 Installation of a zip wire; See Above

OS/03.20/07 Open Air Cinema – The Town Clerk confirmed that this will take place on 24
July 2020. Further details to follow.

OS/03.20/08 Date & time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting of the
Estates (Open Spaces) Committee will take place on Wednesday 20 May 2020 at 7.30pm.

The Chair closed the meeting at 21.10

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