Full Council 17.2.20

Published: 17th February 2020

Wivenhoe Town Council

MINUTES of the Full Town Council meeting held on 17 February 2020 (Chair approved)

Present: Cllr Tile (Chair), Cllr Newton, Cllr Aldis, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Read, Cllr Booth, Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, Cllr Evans, Cllr Boughton, Maurice Howard, RFO, Jo Beighton-Emms, Town Clerk, Emma Buckley and three members of the public

Public Questions; None


FC/02.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Nash, Cllr Needham and Cllr Wenaden

FC/02.20/02 Minutes of the previous meeting: Cllr Booth confirmed that the mention of Adblue was made by him with regards to the minibus report. This was noted by the Town Clerk.

The minutes of the meeting held on 13 January 2020 were proposed by Cllr Aldis, seconded by Cllr Booth and approved as an accurate record of proceedings.

FC/02.20/03 Declarations of interest; None. Cllr Tile reminded the Councillors that they should declare any interests during the course of the meeting as necessary.

FC/02.20/04 Reports from Members of the County and Borough Councils:

  1. Essex County Councillor J. Young had provided a report which was previously circulated and is attached as Appendix A.

Cllr Newton provided further detail regarding the location and purpose of the railings at the side of Millfields school. It was agreed that WTC should engage with Elmstead Parish Council owners of the land regarding parking on this verge. Cllr Read also raised the issue of travellers possibly using this area. Cllr Read agreed to establish contact.

  1. CBC Cllr Liddy had provided a report which was previously circulated and is attached as Appendix B.

Cllr Evans suggested an FIO request for information on action on the potholes. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan and Cllr Aldis said that they could assist.

CBC Cllr Cory had provided a report which was read out by Cllr Booth

and is attached as Appendix C.

Cllr Evans reported that he attended a meeting with regards to the CBC tree planting scheme.

d Public Transport Representative Mr Kay had not provided a report.

FC/02.20/05 Council to form a Working Group to consider the current Committee & Working

Group Structure:

Cllr Tile and Town Clerk explained the background to this matter.

Cllr Aldis requested that this group also discuss the use of devices at meetings.

Cllr Tile asked for volunteers for a group to form a working group. Cllr Booth, Cllr Tile, Cllr Aldis and the Town Clerk volunteered to form this group.

The Town Clerk to arrange a meeting.

FC/02.20/06 Committee Reports

6.1 Planning Committee; Cllr Aldis provided an update on the Local Plan hearing. The inspector has extended the deadline for responses on a number of matters.

The planning application for Hewthorn has been resubmitted. Cllr Aldis gave an update on the application for The Flag Inn and the possible parking issues which had been noted. WTC still support this application.

The changes to the bus stop outside the railway station are going ahead. Cllr Booth confirmed his attendance at a meeting with a representative from CBC. He considers that there will be improvements.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan reported on the costs for legal representation at the hearing.

Cllr Tile thanked Cllr Luxford-Vaughan and Cllr Aldis for their enormous efforts.

6.2 Estates(Properties) Committee; Cllr Tile and the Town Clerk reported that there were matters to be approved under Part B of this meeting.

6.3 Estates(Open Spaces) Committee; The Town Clerk updated on the work that was progressing on the sensory garden and that volunteers would be clearing the area on 22 February. Cllr Evans asked should we secure the garden as he had offers of willow to make fences. Cllr Newton suggested that we don’t for now.

Cllr Read queried the available budget for this project and whether labour costs of the ground staff were being taken into consideration. Cllr Newton detailed the available budget and that grant applications are being made.

Cllr read queried if labour costs should be agreed beforehand to be fair and as for other projects. Cllr Newton confirmed that these costs will be covered and that we are generating lots of good will from the community and assistance from Beth Chatto Gardens on the design and expertise.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan reported that contractors had been used for the Jubilee Gardens and we do need to know what value for money we get from the ground staff.

Cllr Tile noted the work being conducted by the RFO on this matter and how we need to consider all costs going forward

6.4. Personnel Committee; the Chair reported that the next meeting on 19 February 2020.

6.5 Finance & Administration; Cllr Newton reported that there will be a committee meeting in March.

FC/02.20/07 Monthly finance and budget matters:

  1. A report from the RFO was considered.


  1. The monthly bank reconciliation was noted.


  1. The payments were considered. The list of monthly payments are attached as Appendix D. There are 4 pre-approvals for payments to be made in advance and/or to be discussed under Part B of this meeting as financial regulations need to be suspended, including a pre-approval of the payment for repairs to the church clock which was queried by Cllr Aldis.

Cllr Read queried expenditure on the Christmas lights. The Town Clerk to make further enquiries on the increase.


Cllr Luxford-Vaughan updated on the further invoice to be received from Cornerstones for legal costs regarding the Local Plan.

The payments excluding the 4 payments for pre-approval were proposed by Cllr Read, seconded by Cllr Luxford-Vaughan and approved by all.

The Summary Income & Expenditure report was considered. Cllr Read queried the level of rates paid on the car parks and toilets. Cllr Aldis reported on the possible changes in legislation for rates payable on public toilets.


The Budget Report was also considered. The RFO highlighted the underspend of £19,085.

FC/02.20/08 Town Clerk’s Report: The Council considered a report from the Town Clerk which was previously circulated and is attached as Appendix E.

The Town Clerk highlighted that Police Sgt Tattersall will be attending the next Full Town Council meeting on 16 March which it was agreed would start at 7pm.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan suggested research into central funding for a skate park.

The Town Clerk reported on the suggestion for an open air cinema. This was considered and it was agreed that the Town Clerk should make further enquiries regarding film options and dates.

The Council considered staff time used on projects and work during the winter months.

Cllr Maltby asked if WTC could assist Brightlingsea Town Council following the storm damage. Cllr Booth said he would raise this at a meeting he has with the Harbour Master. It was agreed that assistance could be offered for the clean-up day. Cllr Read suggested we also contact West Mersea Council.

FC/02.20/09 Working Party Reports:

9.1 William Loveless Hall: Cllr Evans had circulated notes of a user group meeting. The

Town Clerk reported that the bridge tables had been ordered and a security review would be conducted in due course. Cllr Evans is working on how to make the WLH more appealing to premium hirers.

9.2 Wivenhoe Wood: Cllr Tile is trying to arrange a meeting with the new warden.

9.3 Mini-bus: No report. Cllr Evans is advertising for bird watching trips.

9.4 Youth Facilities: Cllr Luxford-Vaughan reported that she had tried to set up a meeting. A date needs to be organised.

9.5 Cemetery Chapel Museum: Cllr Aldis hopes that useful data is being collated and new exhibits had been donated. The museum should be included in the security review. A volunteer meeting will take place at the end of March.

9.6 Communications: Cllr Evans reported that the newsletter had been circulated two weeks ahead of this meeting and acknowledged the suggested changes. The newsletter will be printed for circulation and a record will be kept of numbers taken by the public form the outlets. A majority of councilors voted for the distribution of the newsletter.

9.7 V E Day 75 2020: Cllr Tile reported that the next meeting will take place on 2 March.

9.8 Environment; Cllr Maltby reported that the terms of reference have been drafted and need to be circulated. Cllr Aldis confirmed that all expenditure will be considered. Cllr Tile and Cllr Newton queried the recycling initiative proposal, such as what facilities already exist, for example, Tesco. Cllr Aldis agreed that the structure of this group needs to be worked on, whether a working group or not but we do need a group. Cllr Tile highlighted the input from EALC. This will be covered by the Committee Structure WG.

It was agreed that the environment group will cover a potentially vast body of work.

9.9 Allotments; Cllr Read reported the WAGA request for the tenancy agreement to be updated. The next meeting is on 2 April.

9.10 Health & Wellbeing; Cllr Tile suggested that the council should discuss the terms of reference when Cllr Wenaden is present.

The councillors considered the wide range of issues that could be covered by this group. Cllr Read and Cllr Newton expressed their concerns over what WTC could achieve. Cllr Newton considered that there were other professionals who were better qualified. Cllr Tile suggested the creation of an external group on which the council sit and that the terms of reference need more work.

The Town Clerk updated on EALC’s approach. Cllr Evans suggested that this area is considered just as the council consider the environment in everything we do and that Cllr Wenaden needs support. Cllr Aldis considered the feedback to be encouraging.

9.11. Council Offices & Yard; The Town Clerk updated the councilors on the architects

plans and possible financing

We are waiting on a broad figure for costs and will then go back to the solicitor for

further advice.

    1. Members' individual proposals or reports; Cllr Evans reported on the offer of

support from the Scouts for the sensory garden.

    1. Mayoralty – Matters to be approved under Part B; Cllr Tile reported that a meeting

was held on 27 January. Matters are to be approved under Part B.

    1. Mayoral Activities: Cllr Tile to report his mayoral activities. Cllr Tile reported that he

will be attending the Chelmsford Civic Service and be prize giving at the Science Fayre at Colchester

FC/02.20/10 Date and time of the next meeting: The next meeting of the Full Town Council will be held on Monday 16 March 2020 at 7.00pm.

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.58. The public left the meeting and a short break was taken.

FC/02.20/11 Exclusion of press and public: In accordance with Paragraph 1 (2) of The Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the Council is invited to consider if the press and public should be excluded from the meeting during the consideration of the following item(s) owing to the confidential nature of the business.


FC/02.20.12 Council to approve the Mayor’s allowance for 2020/21 and the criteria and process

for the election of Deputy Mayor:

The councillors discussed the working group’s proposals for the criteria and process for the election of the deputy mayor and considered the note of the meeting on 27 January.

It was agreed that the qualifying period of two years was a good idea as well as a demonstration of active participation at meetings and in council business.

However, most of the councilors wanted to keep the process of having a list setting out when each councillor should be offered the opportunity to be deputy mayor, with the option to defer. Some councilors felt that certain councillors would stand back if no list was in place.

Cllr Newton suggested that if a mayor wanted to stay on this would have an impact on the deputy mayor who should be the mayor next.Cllr Luxford-Vaughan noted that some councillors would dominate if they had the chance to be mayor each year.

Cllr Tile summarised that the councilors like the idea of a qualifying period and that training should be undertaken but not ‘the hat in the ring’ approach. Cllr Tile asked for a proposal.

Cllr Aldis proposed that WTC retain the list. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan added with a qualifying period of two years except where there are exceptional circumstances such as an election which may result in a change of many councillors.

Cllr Newton highlighted the need for skills. With regards to training Cllr Luxford -Vaughan said that councilors are aware that there is a budget in place and support for training must be provided to give confidence. The Town Clerk can assist in providing training advice. The Town Clerk confirmed that training cannot be mandatory. Cllr Evans said that skills are just as important as training. Cllr Read said that a list gives all the chance to be mayor and training can be extremely useful. Cllr Aldis said that training has to be slow and organic not forced.

Cllr Read highlighted the need for the deputy mayor to chair committee meetings; it’s a difficult role.

Cllr Aldis and Cllr Tile suggested a vote at another meeting. It was agreed that the Town Clerk will need to work on the list which requires updating.

Mayor’s allowance for 2020/21:

The councillors explained the purpose of the allowance to Cllr Maltby.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan proposed that the current allowance of £1400 is increased by 5% this year and indexed linked going forward. This was seconded by Cllr Evans and voted for by majority. Cllr Read requested that his vote against this proposal was recorded.

Pre-approved payments

The RFO updated on the need for the preapproval of four payments without further quotations being obtained and therefore under a suspension of the financial regulations:

1.St Mary’s church clock: payment proposed by Cllr Aldis, seconded by Cllr Newton- the majority in favour. Cllr Broughton requested that his vote against this proposal was recorded.

2. The payment of £400 for Cllr Tile’s proposal passed in December 2019 for the carbon- offset. This payment was proposed by Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, seconded by Cllr Newton – a majority voted in favour.

3. The payment of £1250 per heater for two heaters in the WLH which are required as a matter of urgency and to avoid reputational risk. WTC are limited in the type of heater which can be installed. It was agreed that the heating system does need to be reviewed properly. The RFO confirmed the budget that is available. This payment was proposed by Cllr Evans, seconded by Cllr Read- a majority voted in favour.

4. The payment of £2500 for a new boiler for 83 High Street which is required as a matter of urgency. This payment was proposed by Cllr Boughton, seconded by Cllr Booth – a majority voted in favour.

FC/02.20.13 The Chair of Finance to update the Council on a payment to Ellisons Solicitors:

Cllr Newton updated the council on the requirement for legal costs to be paid to Ellison Solicitors for work undertaken in 2017-2019. The Town Clerk and RFO had advised the council that this invoice must be paid.

Appendix A

County Councillors report February 2020

Councillors may recall the pavement scheme ECC ran to allow County Councillors the chance to nominate the worst footpaths for repair. One footpath outside 73 The Avenue was the site of a nasty fall and I nominated this footpath for repair. This has now been completed which is very good to see. The scheme was extended by the offer of a further 2 footpaths and I used both of these to focus on getting as much of the Broomgrove footpath leading up to the schools done.

Pothole update :

Potholes in The Avenue

I am pleased to confirm that The Avenue has been put forward for machine resurfacing next financial year. Once the programme has been finalised, the successful resurfacing sites will be published on our website: https://www.essexhighways.org/transport-and-roads/interactive-maps-and-live-travel-information.aspx

In the meantime, a full safety inspection of The Avenue is due to take place this month (February). Inspectors typically use purple, orange and red spray paint to signify priority of repairs.

Belle Vue Drain Cover

This has now been repaired although it appears to be sinking again.

Rectory Road

A job has been raised to repair the carriageway opposite number 76, outside numbers 70, 51a, 49, 25, 9a, 5, outside the cricket club and at the junction Manor Road. A firm date for delivery of these works is not yet available but an update will follow.

Patching is planned followed by drainage work and then resurfacing.

Station Road

A Streetworks Inspector is to visit this location and assess the quality of this utility repair. If further repairs are required, contact will be made with the relevant utility company.

Old Ferry Road

I can see we are aware of some potholes at this roundabout which are currently being monitored for deterioration. The next full safety inspection will take place in March 2020 when the potholes will be assessed again. If there has been significant deterioration, repairs will be programmed.

Alresford Road

Alresford Road received a full safety inspection in January 2020 and I can see we are monitoring a number of potholes here for deterioration but no repairs are planned at the moment. The road will receive another full safety inspection in April 2020.

Road safety at Millfields school following the recent accident :

The instillation of guard rails at Millfields school should be completed this week. This work agreed in 2018 has seen a stream of delays one reason being cabling along the footpath.

The Colchester LHP Schemes Awaiting Funding List for the March 2020 Panel will feature a green scheme under LCOL192016 for o/s Millfields Primary School, Bowes Road, Wivenhoe for School Warning Signs with wig-wag flashing lights at school times. The estimated cost for LCOL192016 is £16,000 and subject to a funding recommendation from the Panel this would become a Funded Scheme for implementation in 2020/21.

Once we have an LHP funding recommendation the scheme will be implemented and we can see what effect it has on traffic speed especially at school drop-off/pick up times.

I have requested additional street lighting around the junction of Bowes road and Rectory Hill as it is very dark here and is dangerous to cross the road here and get to and from the bus stop.

As you are aware there has been some issues confirming whether Essex County Council maintain this area of highway. Officers have carried out some investigations and can confirm that the steps are maintained by ECC, however we are still unable to confirm if the retaining wall is ours.  As the steps and wall have been there for over 140 years there is a chance the wall may be within our remit but Officers are still investigating this matter.

Officers have found that the retaining wall is broken and cracked in several places, therefore following their investigations a request will be made for our Structures team to attend the site and assess the wall. 

The steps have been visited quite a few times by officers, the railings are sunk into the ground rather than bolted, which means we will be able to extend the steps and place a further railing alongside the hedge on the other side of the path from the concrete ramp.  However, I need to make you aware that in order for these works to go ahead we need to liaise with National Rail or Abelio and we will be required to have a BAPA (Basic Asset Protection Agreement).  This could take months to arrange, therefore at this stage there is no timescale for this work. 

The cleaning of leaves and debris in this area would fall within the remit of Colchester Borough Council and a request via the Street Cleaning team for the site to be attended.

Appendix B

A Report to Wivenhoe Town Council for Monday 17th February 2020.

There are a number of issues members might wish to note:

Planning. There is nothing of any significance to note.

Locality Budget. This year my locality budget supported a variety of groups in Wivenhoe that provide social events for elderly persons, educate residents on better bike use, organise film festivals, operate a farmers’ market collective, maintain church buildings available for public hire, flood light tennis courts, operate a community radio station, explore and promote the history of Wivenhoe, as well as emergency life saving community first responders.

Chaney Road. I was approached by a number of residents who complained about dog fouling in that area. I contacted the zone warden and arranged for signs to be placed on dog bins and lampposts around Chaney Road and Broomgrove School. There has been some reduction in mess, but it continues. So the situation will continue to be monitored.

Crime prevention. At the recent AGM of WAGA, the problem of anti-social behaviour in the allotments at Rectory Road was raised. One suggestion was to plant a prickly hedge along one side of the allotment to deter trespassers, provided WTC agreed. I am pleased to have secured 100 hawthorn and wild cherry bushes from CBC as part of its annual giveaway of over ten thousand shrubs an bushes on Saturday 22nd February at the Community Stadium. Hopefully this will enable allotment holders to enjoy their pastime in peace and quiet.

Britannia Court. At a recent tenants’ meeting the problem of car that had belonged to a resident who had died in October 2018, without leaving a Will or any living relatives. He left a car parked at Britannia Court. Since it is parked on private land, owned by CBC and managed by CBH, and not on the public highway a different procedure has to be used to dispose it. I am applying myself to removing that vehicle so that it ceases to obstruct the access to the premises.

Potholes. Town councillors will be aware of the street art adorning one particular pot hole in The Avenue. Whilst drawing obscene graffiti is unacceptable behaviour, this example does make a point and demonstrates the frustration residents feel about the lack of any urgency by Essex Highways to repair our miserable roads. I have reported it to Essex Highways and it will be interesting to see how long before it is patched up, or if the artwork is removed before the pothole!

CCTV. Colchester Borough Council is considering the introduction of CCTV in all its hackney carriage and private hire vehicles and is holding a public consultation on the draft policy to seek the views of the public and the trade.  

The key aim and purpose of the introduction of CCTV is to provide a safer environment for drivers and passengers by -  

    • Deterring and preventing the occurrence of crime and anti-social behaviour and reducing the fear of crime

    • Safeguarding users and drivers

    • Assisting the Council and Police in investigating incidents of crime; investigating officers would be able to gather evidence for use in prosecutions or disprove false allegations

If you have any comments, observations or representations that you may wish to make on the policy, these can be e-mailed to licensingteam@colchester.gov.uk   The closing date for representations is 30 April 2020. 

The policy and technical specification can be found at   http://www.colchester.gov.uk/cctvconsultation 

Ward Cllr. Cyril Liddy.

Monday 17th February 2020.

Appendix C

Wivenhoe Town Council Report 17.02.2020 – Cllr Mark Cory

Salary Brook:

I have organised for local representatives and experts to meet with the borough council to discuss the next steps being taken with the Salary Brook environmental destruction. The meeting is next Monday, sadly Chris Gibson can’t make it but Cllr Evans is confirmed as going – pending up to date information is passed to him prior to the meeting.

Wivenhoe Trail:

I have reported the worsening state of the Wivenhoe Trail and have officers working on the analysis of what needs to be done and at what cost. The cost will be high, but it is regularly used by walkers, joggers and cyclists, which needs to be encouraged. I hope to make links with Tarmac, who could support some of the work as part of their community payback.

Cycle Path Trees and Hedgerow:

I requested that officers investigate the potential of putting in more trees along the cycle path fence and on the other side of the road between the ditches. Sadly, I have received an in-depth response explain that more trees, (similar to those asked for by Wivenhoe Society while the cycle path was being created), are not going to be possible. With the opportunity of CBC giving out trees I had hoped to make this work, I will continue to question and see if only limited planting can be done. I encourage WTC to work with me in finding other areas where CBC sponsored tree planting can take place in Wivenhoe. The Trees for Years giveaway is happening again, this Saturday 22nd Feb at the Colchester United Stadium – 10,000 trees are available this year.

School Safety

I met with the Head at Millfields, along with Cllr Evans and Leigh-Ann (a staff member and resident of Amberley), to discuss safety issues and parking around the school. I am working with Broomgrove Schools on the same matter. I took away a number of actions that I am working through, Cllr Evans can update fellow councillors. I will update once actions are completed.

CBC Budget passed with amendment:

CBC’s budget was passed this week with an important amendment of NEGC spending. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan pushed for a NEGC money not to be released before a vote, and the amendment from Cllr Gerard Oxford stipulated just that. This was accepted as an amendment and the budget passed. I can update you on the highlights of the budget next time.

Climate Emergency Action Plan:

The Climate Emergency Action plan was also passed unanimously, outlining so of the next steps needed for the Council to measure and act upon its carbon footprint and impact upon bio-diversity. Funding has been made available, further work from the environmental task and finish group is needed, and further engagement with communities, including with parish/town councils will made carried out.

Locality Budgets:

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan and I pooled our Locality Budgets this year and supported 16 Wivenhoe projects and organisations. Wivenhoe Town Council received funding for Cllr Maltby’s Terra-cycle packaging recycling project and Cllr Newton’s sensory garden application. Other recipients were: Community 1st responders, Wivenhoe Tennis club, Wivenhoe Market Collective, Wivenhoe Methodist Church, WivGigs Rowing Club, Wivenhoe Congregational church, Wivenhoe Bike Kitchen, Moving Image, Monday club, Wivenhoe Allotment and Garden Association, Wivenhoe Community Tea Group and Colne Radio.

Appendix D (see attached)

Appendix E

Town Clerk Report; Full Town Council meeting on 17 February 2020.

  1. We arranged three dates with the Volunteer Team at the University of Essex to assist with projects. Unfortunately, the skate park painting had be cancelled due to bad weather but will be rearranged. The sensory garden will be cleared on 22 February and there is a litter pick on 15 March- please let me know if you want to help.
  1. Sgt Simon Tattersall will be coming to the March FTC meeting.
  1. We have provided David Bridle Web designer with the headers and material we need on the new website. I’m hopeful that this will be launched by April.
  1. Justin Smith gave a presentation on 29 January about funding streams/grant funding. I have circulated material from him including a project template. I also circulated material from a company called Maverick who are working with Harwich on their new skate park They think that the minimum spend should be £150k and provided some examples. I’m happy to work on this after the VE day event.
  1. I met with Ben Stonehouse, Cinex on 14 February. The company put on outdoor cinema events. Good news is that because any funds raised can go to the Mayor’s fund we can be treated like a charity so there is no upfront cost. The company arrange everything – food, drinks, lighting, seating if we want it, ticketing, promotional material- all we do is advertise. Ticket prices would be approx. £12 to cover costs and we would need to sell 250 tickets approx. I suggested that we start with a family friendly film first and don’t sell alcohol. For an event in August he said we could start marketing in June. Possible dates to follow.
  1. I have worked with the staff on a 12-month plan. We plan to hold another event like the one held in December with the volunteers, probably in early June.

Appendix D

Date of Invoice Cheque No. Supplier VAT No Addressee Invoice No. Details of supply NET VAT TOTAL
    STAFF   NET PAY STD HRS IN JANUARY + O/T DECEMBER 10,732.88 10,732.88
              £16,591.29 £- £16,591.29
25/01/2020 COLCHESTER BOROUGH COUNCIL 449071833 WTC NON DOM RATES 19/20 LAST INSTALLMENT 1,716.00 - 1,716.00
- - -
              1,716.00 - 1,716.00
01/01/2020 direct debit SYS3 759 9219 72 WTC SYS33707 Office & WLH Phone/System Chgs/WIFI 274.75 54.95 329.70
03/01/2020 direct debit DVLA WTC EF64 UOR - Annual Tax 260.00 - 260.00
16/12/2019 direct debit Anglian Water 277 6339 60 WTC 6487192 Cemetery Water 16/6-15/12/19 60.50 - 60.50
16/12/2019 direct debit Anglian Water 277 6339 60 WTC 6487569 Fishermans Store Water 16/6-15/12/19 63.52 - 63.52
08/12/2019 direct debit O2 778 6037 85 WTC 48439056 Mobile Line Rental 78.31 15.66 93.97
08/12/2019 direct debit Fuelcard 747 8801 91 WTC 16236081, 16243246, 16250707 Fuelcard Charges 222.44 44.47 266.91
10/01/2020 direct debit Total Gas & Power 689 6389 49 WTC 205391532/20 WLH Gas 558.72 27.94 586.66
06/01/2020 direct debit Total Gas & Power 689 6389 49 WTC 204617198/20 Cooks Shipyard Elec 40.72 2.04 42.76
1,558.96 145.06 1,704.02
08/01/2020 CARD Writtle College WTC CARD Fruit Tree Cse for J Young 25/1/2020 95.00 - 95.00
08/01/2020 CARD LasermediaSupplies.co.uk 485 6677 84 WTC PO15205 Toner for Office 69.74 13.95 83.69
28/01/2020 CARD LasermediaSupplies.co.uk 485 6677 84 WTC PO15223 4 x Toner for office 261.17 52.24 313.41
425.91 66.19 492.10
13/12/2019 505495 Ellisons 102 0087 39 WTC 98,408 Prof Chgs - De Vere Lane 2,000.00 400.00 2,400.00
31/01/2020 505501 Sibbons 102 5871 94 WTC January Statement Invoices As Per January Statement 727.17 145.45 872.62
07/01/2020 505502 Trade UK 232 5555 75 WTC December/Jan Statement Invoices As Per Dec/Jan Statement 2,136.48 427.34 2,563.82
16/01/2020 505503 Viking 536 1533 57 WTC 648887, 719510 Stationery Supplies 80.59 16.12 96.71
21/01/2020 505504 Eastern Waste Disposal Ltd 700 1907 83 WTC S320731 & S322761 Skip Hire & Mattresses 291.67 58.33 350.00
31/01/2020 505505 Sharprint Solutions 108 4879 89 WTC sps202003 S/Chg P/Copier 26/10/19 - 31/01/20 238.32 47.66 285.98
22/01/2020 505506 Smiths of Derby 125 6772 59 WTC 113106 Office Clock Service 217.00 43.40 260.40
22/01/2020 505507 SYS3 759 9219 72 WTC SYS33731 & SYS33865 New Port Switch & Installiation, Email issue 118.00 23.60 141.60
31/01/2020 505508 Mr T J Smith T/A Chameleon Trning & Cnsult WTC 243 Fundraising Consultancy 450.00 - 450.00
29/01/2020 505509 The Press Gang 594 5960 85 WTC 4,868 Design & Build Website 50% 700.00 140.00 840.00
19/12/2019 505510 Lewis John Moores WTC Xmas Lights - Refreshments & Tools 166.86 - 166.86
31/01/2020 505511 George Brown WTC Xmas Lights - Supplies 696.23 139.25 835.48
10/02/2020 505512 Terry Vanner WTC 1 WTC Office Architecture 990.00 990.00
31/01/2020 505513 Ernest Doe & Sons 102 3549 12 WTC Jan Statement Suppliea 91.96 18.41 110.37
13/02/2020 505514 Mr Sam Fowles - Cornerstone Barristers 305 4203 51 WTC 147,121 Garden City - Inquiry Legal Fees 4,125.00 825.00 4,950.00
13,029.28 2,284.56 15,313.84
TOTAL PAYMENTS FOR APPROVAL 33,321.44 2,495.81 35,817.25
03/02/2020 Smiths of Derby 125 6772 59 WTC Quote Church Clock Repair 1,414.00 282.80 1,696.80
17/02/2020 Carbon Footprint WTC Carbon Offset - From Mayors Allowance 400.00 - 400.00
17/02/2020 Blueflame WTC WLH - Heater 2,380.00 476.00 2,856.00
£1250 - per heater. Discount of £120.00 for second if fitted on same day
6,694.00 758.80 7,452.80

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