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Community Fund Awarding Policy

Wivenhoe Town Council (‘WTC’) has statutory powers to make funds available, by way of grants, to local groups and organisations for the benefit of the town and its residents. At the December 2021 Full Town Council meeting the council agreed to set aside a community Fund to award grants to locally based groups, which meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Enhances well being
  • Enhances environmental goals
  • Provides a social return on capital
  • Supports vulnerable groups
  • Supports sports and activities
  • Supports artistic and musical communities

This initiative demonstrates WTC commitment to our community, recognises that third party organisations add great value to our community and that WTC actively seeks to work with them.

This document sets out the guidelines for awarding grants. It also formalises the application process to ensure access, openness and fairness to the groups and organisations the council aims to support.

Wivenhoe Town Council will ensure that the process is fair and transparent.


Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 empowers the council to make grants to such groups where no specific grant making power exits in other legislation and where, in the council’s opinion, the grant will benefit the town and the residents.


The following may apply;

  • Applicants must be a non-profit or charitable organisation based in Wivenhoe or be a local branch of a regional or national organisation or group, which serves the needs of the residents of Wivenhoe
  • Resident(s) of Wivenhoe requesting grant aid with a project or event, which will be for the benefit of the local community
  • A Wivenhoe based club/association/charity serving a specific section of the community or the community as a whole

We would normally reject applications from:

  • Projects which are the responsibility of another government body or would normally be funded by a regional authority
  • Projects which improve or benefit privately owned land or property
  • Support for individuals or private business projects
  • Applications from ‘for profit’ organisations
  • Projects which are already complete or will be when the grant is awarded
  • Regional and national organisations unless it can be clearly demonstrated that the grant awarded will specifically benefit the residents of Wivenhoe
  • From organisations with political affiliations or those established for the purpose of promoting a party political agenda

Whilst it is not intended to allow multiple uses by one organisation, applications for more than one grant will be considered at the Council’s discretion.


The maximum award is £400 per applicant

The Process

All applications for grants must be received by the Town Clerk.

Applicants must provide the following;

  1. the name and address of the group (to include a charity number if applicable) and details of the aims of the group;
  2. details of the destination bank account in the event that the grant is awarded;
  • a financial plan- what the group intends to do with the money and
  1. an explanation of how the grant will benefit the local community and the residents, showing the clear need for the funds.
  2. Any financial accounts that are available should also be submitted.

The Town Clerk will collate all applications and present these to the Finance Committee for debate and recommendation to Full Town Council.

Full Town Council will make the final decision on each application.

All decisions will be made transparently and be based on the following criteria:

  • general eligibility
  • community support
  • value for money
  • impact on local need
  • environmental impact
  • community involvement
  • likely effectiveness
  • feasibility


  • The grant can only be used for the purpose for which it was awarded
  • Grants cannot be distributed to other organisations
  • Proof of spending must be provided to the Town Clerk within an agreed timeframe
  • Should a project be cancelled, the funds must be returned to Wivenhoe Town Council
  • Recipients of grants are invited to update the town at the next annual town meeting



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