Residents invited to community workshops to support development of Local Nature Plans in Wivenhoe

Residents are invited to community workshops to support the development of Local Nature Plans in Wivenhoe

Essex County Council is calling on residents from Wivenhoe to contribute to the development of local nature plans through attendance at a community workshop named ‘Talking About Nature’ taking place on 13 May 2023 at the William Loveless Hall from 10am – 2pm.

The local nature plans are being developed within the Climate Focus Area (CFA) – a recommendation from the Essex Climate Action Commission’s (ECAC) Net Zero: Making Essex Carbon Neutral report.

The first of its kind in the UK, the Climate Focus Area is located in the Blackwater and Colne river catchment areas and is a pilot project aimed at accelerating and showcasing best practice in sustainable land stewardship in collaboration with local councils, charities, residents, landowners and businesses.

The workshops will be delivered in partnership with Involve, a public participation charity concentrating on revitalising democracy and improving local decision making as well as the local parish and town councils.

The workshop will be focused on harnessing the views of residents by involving them in climate decision making to inform the parish or town councils’ Local Nature Plan for each area.

Participants at the workshop will hear from engaging expert speakers, opening discussions to help Essex County Council develop a deeper understanding of the barriers facing the area, as well as helping to identify opportunities to enhance nature and biodiversity in the future.

The deadline to register to take part in the workshops is 11 April 2023, after which point Essex County Council will select up to 30 participants from each parish to ensure there is a fair representation of people from the community.

To register for your town or parish’s ‘Talking About Nature’ workshop, visit:

alternatively email or call the Town Clerk, Jo Beighton-Emms on 07738 493524.

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