Planning 2.2.21

Published: 2nd February 2021

MINUTES of the Planning Committee Meeting held virtually on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Public Questions:  None.

Present; Cllr Read (Chair) Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, Cllr Tile, Cllr Boughton, Cllr Widgery and Jo Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and two members of public

P.02.21.001     Apologies for absence; Cllr Booth

P.02.21.002    Declarations of interest: None. It was agreed that any necessary declarations of interest will be raised when the Committee are considering matters throughout the course of the meeting.

P.02.21.003    Minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 5 January 2021 were proposed by Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, seconded by Cllr Widgery and approved by all as an accurate record of proceedings.

P.02.21.004    Planning Applications; The Committee considered the following planning applications;


4a Reference 202405
Registered 28/10/2020
Development Single Storey Rear Extension (Revised Description).
Address 58 Belle Vue Road, Wivenhoe   CO7 9LD
Comments/Resolution Comment: WTC request that the views of neighbours are taken into consideration and note the objection from a neighbouring property. WTC consider that there is a loss of permeable land


4b Reference 210042
Registered 21/01/2021
Development Dropped Kerb
Address 50 Rectory Road, Wivenhoe   CO7 9ER
Comments/Resolution Comment; WTC note the close proximity to the junction at Ernest Road. It is understood that this application will be referred to Highways, ECC and request that a site visit is conducted. The officer is asked to consider drainage issues


4c Reference 210058
Registered 13/01/2021
Development Proposed side extension and front entrance porch
Address 2 Tower Road, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9QE
Comments/Resolution Comment: WTC consider that this development will affect the street view which is of concern. WTC request that the views of neighbours are taken into consideration. WTC consider that there is overdevelopment of this site and has concerns about visibility on the junction.


4d Reference 210207
Registered 26/01/2021
Development Erection of 4sqm front porch
Address 30 Bobbits Way, Wivenhoe Colchester CO7 9NJ
Comments/Resolution No comment


P.02.21.005  Planning Decisions: None

P.01.21.006 Wivenhoe Town Council Strategy; How to influence planning decisions.

The councillors considered the way in which future applications could be responded to with an agreed approach. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan noted that the Town Clerk’s forthcoming training will feed into this point and suggested further training for the councillors as policies are always being updated. Cllr Read agreed that current policies need to be considered by all members of the committee and it was agreed that a library of these would be created and considered at the next meeting. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan suggested that the Town Clerk contacts Simon Cairns, CBC Planning, for a list of policies and background reading.

P.01.21.007 Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan: Taylor Wimpey Public Consultation- 120 new homes.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan had compared the plans for the proposed development to the Wivenhoe Neighbourhood Plan and demonstrated how the development did not meet with the expectations of the WNP. She summarised a number of points and further requests for information to be made to Taylor Wimpey (‘TW’) as part of the consultation period, which runs from 1 to 14 February. It was agreed that the request from WTC would be made available on the WTC Facebook page and website so that the public can refer to it.

A member of the public, Mr Young, made the following points:

  • He considers that the plans make the WNP redundant. If the 120 houses cannot fit into the designated area as per the WNP then only 90 houses should be built and not 120 which encroach into the area designated in the WNP for recreation.
  • He would like to know if the small area of land to south of the development is also owned by TW and will therefore more houses be built on it in future
  • He would like to know if the current restrictions would mean that any planning application would be rushed through and not considered at a face-to-face meeting
  • He asked why the land has already been fenced off- Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that she had made enquiries and this was for insurance purposes. She suggested that the fencing should not however be positioned so close to the road as to make it dangerous for pedestrians. The fencing is temporary and there is no PROW on the land, which TW now owns. It is accepted that this is an open space but there is no legislation which TW must consider when fencing the land off. Mr Young said that he had counted the number of people in one day who had used the side of the land at Broadfields estate for walking and this had totalled 67 in 8 hours. Cllr Tile suggested that he make further enquiries with neighbours about the use and the fact that it is now restricted.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that whilst the WNP is a material planning consideration this is not always successful, such as for example, the Hewthorn planning application, following which the procedure has been changed. WTC will consider public opinion and WTC will continue to question the developers who will listen to WTC and CBC Cllr Cory. Whilst the WNP may be strong enough, a compromise may have to be made, for example, the proposed 120 houses may be reduced and built just south of the pylon. Cllr Read noted that there was a pond close to the play area. He suggested that this area should instead be used for housing. He also said that covid restrictions meant that virtual planning meetings will be held.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that everyone should be encouraged to have their say on the plans.

It was agreed that the query about the adjacent land would be put to TW. Cllr Tile also suggested that WTC should ask about internet access.

Cllr Read thanked Cllr Luxford-Vaughan for her detailed update.

P.01.21.008  Leisure and Community Services SPD: The Town Clerk reported that she had continued to make enquiries with CBC regarding the use of S106 monies by Wivenhoe Cricket Club. She had sent details of proposed WTC projects to CBC and was waiting on further advice on a formal application process.

P.01.21.009  Date and time of next meeting: It was agreed that the next meeting will be held virtually on Tuesday 2 March 2021 at 7.30pm

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.50

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