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Wivenhoe Town Council's Old Cemetery and a New Cemetery are located at Belle Vue Road, CO7 9EH.

The Old Cemetery is an important green space and area of safe haven for wildlife and occasionally interments are held there in old family graves. This area is maintained as a place of quiet reserve and is a haven in the town for wildlife, achieved by a 3-year rotation that ensures that only a small part of it is disturbed by the essential maintenance work needed to keep it both wild and controlled.

The New Cemetery is almost full and has few spaces left.  In 2014 we decided to restrict its use to Wivenhoe residents only; with an established residency of 20 years; and pre-purchasing ceased:

'Non-resident burials are suspended for the time being, due to limited availability of space in the cemetery. Only those persons resident for an ‘established’ number of years (20 years or more) at time of death in Wivenhoe will have the right to be buried in a grave not already pre-purchased before pre-purchasing ended. This also applies to burial of ashes'. (WTC 1 April 2014).

Information on grave maintenance.

The Cemetery Chapel in the New Cemetery is now the Wivenhoe Museum and full of artefacts unique to the town. It is supported by a team of volunteers and is open weekends from May to September, between 10am and 1pm. If you would like to volunteer, contact the council offices.

The Chapel Museum also has an area for memorial plaques, along the outside wall, to commemorate loved ones. If you would like to purchase a plaque,  contact the council offices.

Another service we provide is to carry out searches for family members in our digitised burial records, dating back to 1855.

If you would like further details, contact the council offices.



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