I joined WTC in December, 2018 as a co-optee, having been persuaded to join by several of my then colleagues.

My professional background was in personal financial planning and it is the relationship skills from this that I bring into my council roles - building trust and building teams and networks to put resource and expertise into worthwhile projects.

As an avid naturalist, I was keen for the council to take a lead in addressing the Climate and Biodiversity Emergency and led the council first into making its declaration and then into projects which seek to add value to our green spaces.

These projects are now moving at a pace which I accept is uncomfortable for some, but I hope that in time, the vast majority of the community realise how important it is that a community like Wivenhoe can and should take the lead.

Whilst I respect people's right to be heard, I will not indulge the popular vote if I think it is misguided and will robustly challenge any policy which appears similarly frivolous or irresponsible.

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