Prohibition to Navigation Notice to Mariners: 28th February – 19th August 2024

Temporary installation of frame assembly at Colne Barrier Storm Surge Barrier Colne Estuary, Essex Bam Nuttall who are working on behalf of the Environment Agency are scheduled to lift our mitre floodgate of our storm surge barrier this year and to do so, we need to assemble our frame structure at the Colne Barrier.

Installation of the frame will be completed on the Southern side of the barrier on the 11th of March and shall remain in place until Summer 2024.

The frame would only slightly protrude into the watercourse past the floodgate meaning this would be the item that needs to be considered and the risk of this can be managed by adding sufficient lighting and beacons to the frame to aid river users in avoiding the structure while navigating through the flood barrier.

Table 1 Location of frame assembly Site Lat (DDM) Long (DDM) NGR 1 51° 51′ 7.63″ N 0° 57′ 45.78″ E TM041432120

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