Environment 5.5.21

Minutes of Environment Committee held virtually on 5 May 2021 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Environment 3.3.21

Minutes Environment Committee 3 March 2021 Chair Approved

Appendix D-Energy Comparison - New Suppliers March 2021

Appendix C -Cycle Path Planting Project

Appendix B- Verges project progress report- MH

Appendix A- Wivenhoe Dementia Friendly Community - WTC Mar21- v2

Environment 6.1.21

MINUTES of Environment Committee meeting held virtually on 6 January 2021 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Evans (Chair), Cllr Tile, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Wenaden, Cllr Needham, Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and 2 members of the public

Public Questions; None.


E/01.21/01 Apologies for absence: None

E/01.21/02 Declarations of interest: None

E/01.21/03 Minutes of the meeting held on 4 November 2020; The minutes of this meeting were proposed by Cllr Wenaden, seconded by Cllr Maltby and approved by all as an accurate record of proceedings.

E/01.21/04 Update from the Chair

Cllr Evans reported that he:

I. is in contact with PC Paul Rawson about policing of the river and was
planning to liaise further with Steve Collis, CBC, the Brightlingsea Harbourmaster and Wivenhoe Sailing Club;

II. has been invited to speak at the Eco Colchester Festival in July 2021;

III. was progressing work on the new sign for the trail;

IV. will be writing an article for Wivenhoe News with Cllr Maltby about the E-Cargo bikes and the recycling project. Cllr Wenaden suggested that the committee makes more use of the council noticeboards with posters about these and other projects.And that;

V. the Millfield verge project was complete, aside from spring planting.

E/01.21/05 Proposal by Cllr Evans; Green Spaces & Verges Project

The committee considered a previously circulated report drafted by Mark Halladay
(‘MH’) which is attached as Appendix A.

Cllr Tile said that it occurred to him that the project outcome would be to take a long
established environment and change it and the committee should consider human
usage as well as the existing flora and fauna. He would like to know what research had
been done on potentially destroying an existing environment. By encouraging growth of
one species we might destroy another, such as by planting gorse on the dog walking
area at the KGV.

Cllr Evans responded that these are valid points and in his view the project would allow
for biodiversity already on the areas to reemerge and that the group plan to get a
botanist on board. For larger areas, there would be public consultation.

MH explained that he had accepted the suggestion from Cllr Tile that the idea to
plant brambles to provide a barrier at the perimeter on the dog walking area had been
dropped. The areas on the KGV in the scheme will only affect existing grass.

The assessment of areas had been carried out in 2020 and this is a conservation
exercise not a horticultural one. Most of the proposed areas are good quality. On the
KGV the Estates (Open Spaces) Manager has proposed that a wildflower area is sown
alongside the footpath, with an area of native growth behind it, with pathways created
which will allow for access to the houses backing onto the KGV. Cllr Tile noted that this
was previously parkland.

Cllr Evans proposed that Wivenhoe Town Council adopt the Green Spaces & Verges
Project as set out in the reports drafted by Mark Halladay.

He confirmed that public consultation would constitute leaflet drops to neighbouring
properties and an offer of a meeting with him or Mark to discuss any queries from
residents. A timescale for responses would be set. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan suggested that
as well as direct, contact posters could be put up on the noticeboards and we gather
feedback from those, ensuring that if most residents are against the project that we must
take note. One-to-one discussion certainly helps.

Cllr Evans said that the only cost would be for seeds for £200, which would be covered
by a Locality Budget.

Cllr Tile said whilst he appreciated that the project was low cost to start with, when the
areas on the KGV needed to be mown we should use a cut and collect mower which will
cost approximately £12,000. Also, that the group must properly plan and address any
potential risks as well as monitoring and reporting, which was not done previously.

MH said that leaving the cut grass would not be a major issue – it could be scythed,
dried with the seeds then left. Volunteers could carry this out.

Cllr Maltby seconded the proposal. All councillors voted in favour, with the exception of
Cllr Tile, who voted against and requested that his vote was recorded.

E/01.21/06 CBC Grants; These will be discussed at the next meeting of the Funding, Youth & Engagement Working Group.

E/01.21/07 Health & Wellbeing Update; Cllr Wenaden reported on the vaccination program and that she was waiting on further information about local hubs. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that she would share information from CBC as soon as she could. It was agreed with regards to information sharing on the council website, Facebook page and noticeboards, that all sources would be verified as official and that any updates/posts to be shared by the town council will be done so through the Town Clerk. Cllr Tile noted that we must ensure that we make it clear that the council isn’t offering services but is acting as a facilitator for information.

On 4 January Cllr Wenaden had met with the Town Clerk and Cllr Evans and agreed to
conduct a wellbeing survey, which was previously circulated and is attached
as Appendix B.

Cllr Tile suggested that similar studies on the effects of lockdowns had been carried out
on prisoners. Cllr Wenaden said that lockdowns affect people in different ways and
caused different mental health issues.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan was concerned that a respondent might say, for example, that
they were suicidal and how would we deal with that information.
It was agreed that a list of appropriate agencies and charities would be added to the
bottom of the survey. Cllr Evans said this could be obtained from the Wivenhoe

Cllr Wenaden reported on her idea for a virtual retreat to include sessions on, for
example, mindfulness; this would be set up using the available budget. Cllr Luxford-
Vaughan said that Tendring Council are holding parenting, mental health and wellbeing
courses and she could pass on the resource pack. She also suggested that Cllr
Wenaden contacts the course organiser for assistance, as whilst the virtual retreat was
a great idea it needed a lot of planning.

Cllr Wenaden reported that she would be meeting soon with the newly appointed mental
health worker based at Wivenhoe Surgery.

Cllr Maltby suggested a separate meeting to discuss potential projects using the
available budget for 2020/21.Cllr Evans agreed and said that a meeting could be called
before the next committee meeting, if ideas were shared.

Cllr Maltby suggested that Wivenhoe Town Council could sign up to a plastic pledge,
as has been done by CBC. This could be set out in council policy. She said that she will
come up with a suitable proposal for the next committee meeting. The council are
already considering which products they use, such as cleaning products, and replacing
them with more eco friendly ones. Cllr Tile asked for details of amounts and products

Cllr Maltby asked the committee to consider a tree/bush planting initiative, which has
recently been done in Brightlingsea. The difficulties posed by the current lockdown were
considered. Cllr Evans reported that the Estates (Open Spaces) Manager had recently
planted 180 trees obtained from CBC. It was agreed that this would be a long term
project.MH said that he would be happy to consider possible locations and report back
to the committee.

E/01.21/08 Date and time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting would
be held virtually at 7.30pm on Wednesday 3 March 2021.

MH thanked the committee for supporting the Green Spaces and Verges Project.

The Chair closed the meeting at 21.05.


Appendix A

Wivenhoe Town Council December Environment Committee 6th Jan 2021

Nature restoration pilots (“mini-meadows”)
in Wivenhoe’s green spaces, 2021-2024


Wivenhoe nature restoration project is a 3 year evaluated pilot to allow selected green spaces in the town to grow unmown between March and September. It is a collaboration between the Town and Borough Councils, Wivenhoe Biodiversity Group and the people of Wivenhoe.

The project is a response to the continuing and critical decline of biodiversity in the UK. It follows Wivenhoe Town Council’s 2019 declaration of a climate and biodiversity emergency.

Objectives of the proposals

1. To enhance native biodiversity, especially of native wildflowers and pollinating insects;
2. To diversify and enhance visual amenity in the urban and residential environment;
3. To increase public engagement in nature restoration and recovery;
4. To make Wivenhoe an exemplar site for other Councils within the Borough.

Features of the proposals

i) Proposed management regime of selected green spaces:
● Adopt a regime of “no mow” between March and September;
● Mow as required in the autumn/winter months on a “cut & collect” basis to reduce the fertility of the soil and suppress more vigorous, coarser grasses.

ii) Public engagement:
Public engagement will be in two stages:
● general publicity about the proposals inviting comments about the principle of this type of nature restoration (currently underway), and
● site specific consultation with immediate neighbours and users of the sites as they join the scheme (these will take place in February after WTC approval).
Comments, queries or concerns during the pilots will be followed up by Cllr Evans and Biodiversity Group volunteers.

iii) Evaluation:
The projects will be evaluated throughout. The Biodiversity Group will monitor biodiversity impact at all the sites; public acceptability will be monitored by comments received by the two Councils; operational feasibility will be monitored by CBC and their contractors and by WTC workforce. An annual evaluation report will be presented to the Town Council.


The Proposals: the KGV and other green spaces

1) The KGV scheme consists of maintaining the existing lower meadow area and unmown North margin, and
● planting two islands of gorse and broom in the dog walking area;
● leaving a corner strip between the western edge oak tree and the laurels of the skate park to develop as native meadow;
● develop a mixed meadow of seeded wildflower and native growth on the Eastern margin between the main path and the boundary with de Vere Lane houses, preserving access paths for residents.

Cost implications of KGV plan:

Staff time for seeding beds: x1 day of WTC staff
Seed costs: £150 for 5kg British native wildflower mix
8 gorse and broom plants £50
Funding is being sought from sources other than WTC in the first instance.

Site specific public engagement: A letter to de Vere residents whose properties back on to the Eastern boundary will explain the changes in advance. Interpretive notices will be put in place to explain the changes.

2) The other schemes include verges and Open Spaces around Wivenhoe which are the responsibility of the Borough Council. As well as maintaining the no mow policy for the existing Wivenhoe Road verges, the sites recommended to join the scheme from March 2021 are:

- roadside verges on de Vere Lane, Frances Close and Elmstead Rd/Broadfields junction;
- open spaces at Sandford Close, Bobbits Way, Bowes Road (aka “Millfield Common”), Boudicca Walk, Henrietta Close and the Coop triangle.

Cost implications of the CBC scheme will be assessed by the Borough and will be met by the Borough.
Note: where savings occur because of this Wivenhoe initiative it is important to agree with the Borough how Wivenhoe will benefit either in financial terms or in kind.

Councillors are asked to approve these proposals.

The project is a pilot and changes to its scope and implementation are to be expected. Councillors are asked to delegate authority to the Environment Committee to approve changes as required.

Appendix B

Well-being survey
WTC are putting together a wellbeing plan. In this survey we would welcome your responses.
GDPR note: Your responses will be collated anonymously and deleted once the survey is closed. The data kept will not relate to any respondents unless specified otherwise by the respondent.
1. In what way has the Covid pandemic affected your physical and mental health?
2. Has it particularly affected someone you know and how? Please keep this anonymous.
3. What has 2020 changed for you? What have you missed most during the restrictions?
4. What permanent effects do you think Covid (and/or the restrictions) have had on you in 2020? Are these positive or negative?
5. What have you learnt most about yourself or the community in the last year?
6. What wellbeing issues do you think you will need to address in 2021?
7. What ideas to do have that would help you and the community with wellbeing in 2021?
8. Would you be able and willing to help with the wellbeing plan? If so contact townclerk@wivenhoe.gov.uk




Environment 4.11.20

MINUTES of Environment Committee meeting held virtually on 4 November 2020 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Evans (Chair), Cllr Tile, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Wenaden, J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and 2 members of the public

Public Questions; None.


E/11.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Needham and Cllr Luxford-Vaughan

E/11.20/02 Declarations of interest: None

E/11.20/03 Minutes of the meeting held on 7 September 2020; The minutes of this meeting were proposed by Cllr Wenaden, seconded by Cllr Maltby and approved by all as an accurate record of proceedings.

Cllr Tile noted that Cllr Maltby still needs to circulate her report on the proposed recycling scheme.

E/11.20/04 Update from the Chair

Cllr Evans reported that he will be attending a community energy conference and
accepts that the presenters are likely to be in the business. Cllr Maltby confirmed that
the conference has funding from ECC.

Cllr Evans reported that the Millfield verge project is almost complete although there is gravel still to be laid.

Cllr Maltby reported that she will be updating and circulating her report on the
proposed recycling project. She confirmed that this will be actioned using a £750 grant
from CBC councillors. It was agreed that it should be actioned before the financial year
end. Cllr Maltby said that initially the project would start with the recycling of easier
items such as bread bags, pens, ink cartridges and toothbrushes. These items would
be collected free of charge by En-form, Colchester. Due to the covid crisis, boxes
would now be located outside rather than inside premises and this would cost more.
She suggested that a survey could be carried out to gauge interest in the town and
have an evidence base for the project. The use of staff time still needs to be agreed.

Cllr Wenaden said that she didn’t think a survey was necessary as this was such a
tangible and practical idea. Cllr Evans and Cllr Tile noted that consultation is often
needed. Cllr Maltby confirmed that there would be no financial return on the project
and that this was more about providing a service. A points scheme could be entered
into at a later stage.

Cllr Maltby reported that the e-cargo bike was a success and was well used by staff and
saving time.

Cllr Wenaden suggested that reports should be given from the 6 groups set up under
this committee. Cllr Evans agreed that they should be re-engaged with so that they
could report on their initiatives at the Committee meetings. It was agreed that this would
be done for the next meeting. Cllr Wenaden reported on smaller projects that were
already taking place and need to be promoted.

She suggested a page about these groups could be put on the WTC website, as well as
the WTC Facebook page.

It was agreed that the Climate Action Plan needs to be progressed. Cllr Evans
suggested that this should be discussed separately ahead of the next meeting.

Cllr Wenaden reported on a meeting with Wivenhoe Surgery and updated on the
important role of the Patient Advisor who is an asset to the town. It was agreed that
she should be consulted first before the available services were promoted by WTC
further. This included a new mental health worker and advice on the excellent flu

Cllr Wenaden agreed to write an article on their services.

Cllr Wenaden reported on her contact with Age Concern and the need for help for
carers for those with dementia. The Town Clerk advised that Wivenhoe Mutual Aid
had not stopped and that the services would be promoted once again. It was agreed
that the Funding, Youth and Engagement Working Group could work on promoting

It was noted that Cllr Evans and the Town Clerk would be attending a Health &
Wellbeing webinar conference on 26 November.

E/11.20/05 Presentation from Mark Halladay: Green Spaces & Verges Project

The Committee considered a PowerPoint presentation from Mark Halladay, which is
attached as Appendix A. He explained that he was keen to get involved,
particularly since WTC acknowledged the climate emergency in 2019.

Cllr Tile noted the potential issues with the project such as sight lines for certain verges.
Also, the fact that the collection process may negate any savings.

Mark advised that he is confident that CBC’s involvement will provide the assurance that such issues will be dealt with. Collection is necessary as otherwise some species cannot thrive.

Cllr Tile was also concerned about public perception and commitment. Once the KGV area was left unmown interest waned and complaints were received by WTC.

Cllr Evans agreed that this was a challenge to be met and that proper consultation was necessary. It was agreed that the Funding, Youth and Engagement WG could assist. Cllr Maltby noted that some areas in the report were used by children as play areas. This again highlighted the need for local knowledge and consultation, with different levels of consultation required dependent on the area proposed.

The Town Clerk noted that some areas on the KGV were not suitable and agreed to meet with Mark and the Open Spaces Manager to discuss this in further detail.

It was agreed that whilst most councillors endorsed the project, further information and discussion was required. Cllr Tile agreed to liaise further with Mark.

Mark reported that he has drafted an article on this project for Wivenhoe News.

E/11.20/06 CBC Grants; It was agreed that Cllr Evans would make enquiries with CBC

E/11.20/07 Health & Wellbeing Upate: Report from Cllr Wenaden- see above

E/11.20/08 Date and time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting would
be held virtually at 7.30pm on Wednesday 6 January 2021.

The Chair closed the meeting at 21.05.


Appendix A- See attached



Environment 7.9.20

MINUTES of Environment Committee meeting held on Zoom on 7 September 2020 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Evans (Chair), Cllr Tile, Cllr Aldis, Cllr Luxford-Vaughan, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Wenaden, J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and 3 members of the public

Public Questions; None.


E/09.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Needham

E/09.20/02 Declarations of interest: None

E/09.20/03 Minutes of the meeting held on 11 August 2020; The minutes of this meeting were proposed by Cllr Maltby, seconded by Cllr Wenaden and approved by majority as an accurate record of proceedings. Cllr Tile questioned the validity of the virtual meeting held on 11 August 2020 as the Chair was in a licensed premises.

E/09.20/04 TOR- To agree frequency & timings of meetings; Cllr Aldis suggested that as per the other committees, this committee should meet bi-monthly with the working groups meeting as and when required. The frequency of the working group meetings is likely to increase. It was proposed by Cllr Maltby that the Environment Committee and Health & Well-Being Sub Committee meets bi-monthly. This was seconded by Cllr Luxford-Vaughan with all in favour.

E/09.20/05 Budget Update; The Town Clerk confirmed the available budgets for the Environment Committee and Community & Health and Wellbeing for 2020/21. Also, the need for all spending to be approved at committee level to be brought to Full Town Council dependent on the level of spending.

Cllr Evans reported that he will update the committee on all proposed spending.
Also, that he had made an appeal on the WTC Facebook page for plants
and assistance with the Millfield School verge project. No plants have been donated
but he had received an offer from Beth Chatto Gardens to provide plants at cost. Some will be funded by members of the public.

The Town Clerk suggested that to prevent delay the committee vote on a spending
limit for the planting. Cllr Evans proposed that the committee spend up to a limit of
£200 for plants for the Millfield School verge project. This was seconded by Cllr
Luxford-Vaughan with all in favour.

E/09.20/06 Update from CBC Environmental Committee; Cllr Luxford-Vaughan reported that this committee had not met for some time. Cllr Maltby agreed that she would attend further meetings as a lay member to put forward agreed questions and report back to WTC. It was agreed that she would nominate a deputy to assist with this duty.

Cllr Evans reported that Mark Halliday had been in contact with Steve Collis, CBC, regarding the Re-Wilding Project and the Green Spaces audit- a report had been previously circulated to the committee and is attached as Appendix A. It was clear to Cllr Evans that Mr Collis was keen to work with Wivenhoe. It was noted by Cllr Aldis that all green spaces in Wivenhoe had been included in the report and that WTC do not own them all. Also, that WTC should prioritise which areas to progress first. He suggested that WTC use a CBC contact to calculate the council’s carbon footprint. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan confirmed that this is Rory Doyle. Mr Halliday confirmed that papers were being considered by CBC on 17 September and it is hoped that approval will be given, followed by a permissive policy and a plan of action. These include matters such as changing mowing regimes, tree planting and banning the use of glysophates.

Cllr Aldis and Cllr Luxford-Vaughan confirmed that Mr Halliday cannot act on behalf of
the council but can be nominated as a lay member, as long as the committee are
copied into all email contact and correspondence.

E/09.20/07 Environment Update;

a) Transition of Environment Working Group to Environment Committee:

Cllr Evans reported on contact with Elmstead Parish Council regards the mowing regime on the grassed area near to Millfield School and sharing policies for equipment. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that there had been complaints from dog walkers regarding the area being left unmown and that paths must be created. Cllr Evans said that he had been given permission to borrow mowers from WAGA and that he would find a resolution.

Regarding the transition from the Environment WG, Cllr Maltby updated on the work that had been done;

There had been an audit of the Council Offices to see what could be done to reduce carbon emissions.

Cllr Maltby had received £700 from the Locality Budget for a recycling initiative.
It was agreed that this would be reconsidered. The Town Clerk reported that staff are now covering additional cleaning duties which must be taken into account. Cllr Aldis queried what types of items could be collected for recycling under this scheme and where WTC would arrange collection from. Cllr Maltby explained that WTC could start with bins in the library and schools and then to other locations, such as the estate agents. The locations need to be reconsidered because of covid-19. Cllr Tile queried the type of scheme and if there were rewards. Cllr Maltby agreed to circulate her original report. Cllr Wenaden suggested that a sub- group is formed to work on this initiative. This was agreed by all.

b) Community sub-group- projects & aims;

Cllr Maltby said that the committee must re-engage with the community. Cllr Evans suggested that Cllr Maltby requests minutes from the meetings held by these sub-groups to bring the committee up to date.

c) Climate action plan;

Cllr Maltby said that the committee must re-engage with the community and agree on projects, leads and timescales. Cllr Evans suggested use of the WTC Facebook page and Cllr Aldis suggested an article in the next newsletter. It was agreed that there would be a review of plans created by other councils to gather ideas. These would be circulated by email for discussion at the next meeting. Cllr Aldis agreed to start this process. Cllr Tile reported on the use of air pumps by Marks Tey.

E/09.20/08 Health & Wellbeing Update;

Cllr Wenaden reported that her key aim was to identify gaps in the community i.e those groups of people who are not receiving assistance. There will be a sub-group meeting on 21 September.

Cllr Wenaden has been in touch with Age Concern who are keen to work
together on a befriending scheme which is much needed as groups are still not
meeting face to face due to covid-19. This increases loneliness and feelings of
isolation. Cllr Evans suggested a contact at Wivenhoe Mutual Aid who be able
to assist with contact details for the pool of volunteers.

Cllr Wenaden noted the key factors for the sub-group to consider; mental health,
learning difficulties, obesity, social isolation and disability.

Cllr Aldis said that he would make enquiries about the Rocket Club for people
with learning difficulties and suggested use of the WTC minibus.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan reported on an offer for a dementia awareness presentation. She said that she will pass on details from the Dementia Awareness Organisation to Cllr Wenaden and the Town Clerk.

Cllr Wenaden said that champions for each of the five areas need to be identified and then a questionnaire to the community could be circulated.

Cllr Luxford-Vaughan said that there is a need to be very aware of the effects of
the lockdown on mental health and that we must ensure we comply with data
protection if a questionnaire is used. Information should be anonymous.

It was agreed that WTC should consider what it could do if there is a second
wave of the virus. Cllr Luxford-Vaughan suggested better ways of sharing
information, including the WTC website and Facebook page. It was agreed that
all information must be provenanced.

E/09.20/09 Date and time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting would
be held on Zoom at 7.30pm on Wednesday 4 November 2020.

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.44.






Environment 11.8.20

MINUTES of Environment Committee meeting held on Zoom on 11 August 2020 at 7.30pm Chair Approved

Present: Cllr Evans (Chair), Cllr Booth, Cllr Tile, Cllr Aldis, Cllr Maltby, Cllr Wenaden, J Beighton-Emms (Town Clerk) and 1 member of the public

Public Questions; None.


E/08.20/01 Apologies for absence: Cllr Luxford-Vaughan

E/08.20/02 Declarations of interest: None

E/08.20/03 Confirmation of the Chair and Terms of Reference; Previously agreed

E/08.20/04 Proposal from Cllr Evans: To agree to the implementation of the flower bed on
the grass verge opposite Millfield School.

The councillors considered this proposal. Cllr Evans explained that he had been liaising
with CBC Cllr Cory and ECC Highways and had their agreement for the verge to be
planted. A planted verge will discourage illegal parking and will enhance the area. He
has been in discussion with ECC regarding the licences required and had been informed that a rockery was not allowed. It is planned that the area will be a raised flower bed using low maintenance rockery plants. Cllr Evans has progressed this project to the final stages but understood that agreement from this committee was necessary.

Cllr Tile referred to an area along the Mersea Road where posts had also been put in place to discourage parking. The committee considered this additional option and also whether planters could be added to the verge.

It was agreed that it would make sense for the verge to be completed before the schools reopened in September.

Cllr Evans explained that WTC would be responsible for the maintenance. Also, that an appeal would go out to the town on the WTC Facebook page for donations of plants to keep the cost minimal. Local garden centres had also been approached as well as Tarmac Quarry. Chosen plants will not grow over 10cm and the area will no longer need to be mown. Cllr Evans explained that Beth Chatto would also provide expertise. Cllr Tile suggested that Dean’s Nursery should also be approached.

Cllr Aldis agreed that posts were required and it was agreed that a quote for these would be obtained. These could be added to the WTC appeal.

Cllr Evans reported that parents of children attending Millfield School have been notified.

The committee considered traffic control measures and the space required for the planting.

Cllr Evans proposed that the verge is planted as a dry garden at a minimum with further enquiries to be made with regards to adding posts.
This was seconded by Cllr Wenaden and carried by a majority.
The councillors agreed on the need for standing items on the agendas going forward, including Health & Wellbeing.

Cllr Evans introduced the member of public, Mark Halliday, who explained that he was keen to assist with projects, including the sensory garden. He would like to be a lay member and is on the committee’s bio-diversity sub group.

Cllr Maltby explained that informal meetings had taken place throughout the lockdown and a number of sub-groups with lay members had been established.

E/08.20/05 Date and time of the next meeting; It was agreed that the next meeting would
be held on Zoom at 7.30pm on Monday 7th September 2020.

The Chair closed the meeting at 20.07.